Founded in 2018, UASTrakker is the 1st company in the world that specializes in custom unmanned aerial systems which locate and follow personal locator beacons.   This technology is designed to assist law enforcement and SAR teams to locate missing Hikers, a Man Overboard or anyone who finds themselves in peril.

Customized drones for Search and Rescue

Our patent pending radio tracking technology assists in locating missing persons, man-overboard situations and trapped first responders.   The vehicle practically drives itself, and the data it gathers is streamed into a Cloud using satellite or cellular modems.


Founded in 2018, we are located in Lake City, Florida.  We sell customized  UAV solutions, and radio tracking equipment to First Responders, Universities and SAR teams.



UASTrakker, LLC
240 NE Laguna Drive
Lake City, Florida 32055

Telephone: 386-965-4201  or 561-389-1490

Fax:  561-588-6442

Email:   info@uastrakker.com