We customize unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as other robots, to locate a person or asset using the emergency radio bands that are dedicated to Search and Rescue.  This enables our solutions to fly in pitch darkness, and in inclement weather, to locate those in distress.

Truly Autonomous

Our Trakking system is compatible with many off the shelf brands of unmanned aircraft,  so integration with your existing fleet may be possible.  We can also customize a vehicle to meet your design requirements, like a heavy lift, or long endurance UAV.

Best of all, our UASTrakker equipped aircraft will automatically adjust its flight plan to follow a moving subject.  Just set up your initial flight plan and release the drone.  It tracks and located any subject that is carrying a personal locator beacon or emergency transponder, autonomously.  Truly autonomous flight is now available.


Founded in 2018, we presented our new Patent Pending solution at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL show to much fanfare.   We are headquartered in Lake City Florida.


Cloud Data

Our systems are equipped  with cellular or satellite modems, allowing our data to manifest itself in a cloud environment.  This allows collaboration between agencies and first responders, without the need for a satellite uplink truck or van.    As a result, we believe this is one of the least expensive collaborative systems to deploy, available …


UAS Trakker, LLC

Telephone  386-965-4201 or 561-389-1490