UASTrakker LLC, is the first company in the world that specializes in custom Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) which is used to locate, track and follow radio frequency personal locator beacons attached to people doing risk prone activities.

Our patent pending drone UASTrakker Pack® technology is designed to assist first responders, SAR teams and law enforcement in locating missing firefighters, skiers, hikers, “man-overboard” or anyone in high risk, high prone areas.

Our UASTrakker Pack® is designed for use on any autonomous aircraft and robotic systems that can handle the payload and running Open Source flight controllers.

ML-EX1 with UASTrakker Pack®


Vertical Takeoff and Land (VTOL). Takes off like a multi-rotor then flies like a plane. 

Experimental VTOL with premium components.

ML-EX1 UASTrakker Kit Includes:

  • UASTrakker ML-EX1
  • UASTrakker Pack®
  • Target Beacon
  • Laptop/Monitor CGS
  • Onboard Radios, Charger
  • Assembly, Service and Limited-Support
  • Introductory Training
  • Travel Trailer

Wingspan: 3530mm
Length: 2420mm
Wing Area: 132dm2
Payload Bay: 560mm x 260mm x 270mm

Weight and Payload
Empty Weight: 13kg
Empty Weight with ARF Package: 29.8kg
Maximum Take-off Weight: 35kg
Payload Capacity: 5 to 8kg 

Flight Characteristics
Cruise Speed: 75mph/120kph
Maximum Speed: 100mph/160kph
Stall Speed: 25mph/40kph
Maximum Flight Time: 3 hours
Range: Restricted to Flight Time

T-hEX1 with UASTrakker Pack®

Experimental Hexacopter with premium components and tracking capabilities.

T-hEX1 UASTrakker Kit Includes:

  • UASTrakker T-hEX1
  • UASTrakker Pack®
  • Target Beacon
  • Laptop/Monitor CGS
  • Onboard Radios, Charger
  • Portable Aircraft Case
  • Assembly, Service and Limited-Support
  • Introductory Training

UASTrakker T-hEX1 Pro

UASTrakker T-hEX1 Pro – Aircraft Only.
Experimental Hexacopter with premium components.

Call for Quote, 561-389-1490 

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Customized Drones for Search and Rescue


UASTrakker’s “Radio Tracking” RF beacon technology is used in finding missing people while at the same time, our aircraft flies gathering “real-time” telemetry data and video which is streamed into Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and into our custom iOS mobile application.

Our technology is unique in that it’s “listening” not “looking” for the beacons and people in distress. Seeking RF signals to instruct navigation of the aircraft is ideal for fog, smoke and other inclement weather conditions..



“We don’t Look, we Listen”

      2017               2018               2019

UASTrakker LLC was established in 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida.

After building their first RF tracking aircraft in 2017, and developing the “UASTrakker Pack”, UASTrakker changed the way unmanned aircraft finds missing people. Using state-of-art tracking and cloud services combined, UASTrakker offer a superb way to find missing people in fog, smoke and inclement weather. In 2018, they built the first VTOL aircraft the UASTrakker ML-EX1 with tracking capabilities. In 2019, we now have our new line, the UASTrakker T-hEX1, an affordable Hexacopter with tracking capabilities.

UASTrakker LCC, builds custom RF “UASTrakker Pack” beacon systems for locating missing people in distress. UASTrakker sells customized  UAV solutions and radio tracking equipment to First Responders, Search and Rescue Teams, Military and Universities.  Whether in fog, smoke or inclement weather we don’t have to “look”, we just “listen” to those in distress and fly right to the person or vehicle automatically through our software.

Our patent pending “radio tracking” technology can be used on unmanned aircraft, surface vessels, and/or most robotic systems to locate people who are in a life threatening situation.  It can be used to track moving assets like construction and military equipment, troops, or homeland security vehicles. All telemetry data and video is captured and sent to our cloud services which is displayed within our iOS mobile application.

Our current place of business is in Lake City, Florida.

Shawn Holmgren, CEO

Patent Pending 2018.

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UASTrakker LLC, Prototype Test Flights

Our second prototype is flying! We’ve constructed a Vertical Take Off and Land (VTOL) aircraft that can carry up to 5-7 lbs of payload. This is a large aircraft with over 9 feet of wingspan and currently all electric, with plan for equipping it with our hybrid power-combo gas generator.


UASTrakker, LLC
240 NE Laguna Drive
Lake City, Florida 32055

Telephone:  561-389-1490

Email:   info@uastrakker.com

Patent Pending 2018.

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